Our Fleet


At DRS we operate a large fleet of vehicles which proudly display our livery and consists of a mixture of the leading manufacturers.

All of our fleet has vehicle tracking devices installed, which also provides telematic data straight back to our office. Monitoring the vehicle's exact location and having the ability to trace routes gives peace of mind to our customers, along with added security when carrying hi-value cargo.

The company operates a modern fleet with an ongoing investment programme which not only increases our reliability, but also means we arrive at your customer with a smart and professional appearance.

The added benefits of using the latest equipment keeps us commercially aware of our carbon footprint. From our new streamline Scania trucks, our new fixed air ride trailers, fuel additives or even to our unique air kits, we ensure we carry the largest cargo yet remain fuel efficient. This makes us as environmentally responsible as we can be, whilst keeping your cargo on the move.